Sunday, 6 October 2013

LADY@LXG: Cycle Vital by Eugene Perma

Inspired by nature, to cleanse, heal, protect and nourish hair from its very core.

Cycle Vital by Eugene Perma from Paris is a range of hair care essentials inspired by the wondrous healing properties of nature. In Paris, this brand is only available at salons, but luckily for us here in Singapore, we can find our favourite Cycle Vital product from John Little and Beauty By Nature stores.

Cycle Vital hair care comes in an extensive range of hair care products, each in their own unique colour coded packaging to make it easy for consumers. From their Primary Range for normal hair, to their Sun Protection Range and everything in-between, expect to find a range that is suitable for your hair / scalp condition. 
I was lucky enough to try the Nutri-Plus Range of shampoo and conditioner which is for dry and damaged hair. This protecting and healing range of hair care uses quinoa as one of its main ingredients. Quinoa, which is jam-packed with essential fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, is further reinforced with Aquaxyl, a combination of two plant sugars with moisturising, regenerative properties and Cosmedia Guar, a conditioning agent that helps keep hair clean, freshly scented, deeply hydrated and tangle-free.

Although I actually have normal to dry hair, this shampoo has now become one of my favourite go-to’s. Its extremely gentle and hair is instantly softer and smoother, without being weighed down, after use.

Because I was my hair daily, it tends to get a bit dry, but no matter how often I wash it, this range keeps it soft and healthy.

The Nutri-Plus range comes in:

Nutri-Plus Shampoo $24.90 (250 ml)

Keeps hair soft and supple.

The Nutri-Plus Cream $39.90 (150 ml)

Has a light, non greasy texture that protects the hair fibre from external aggressors. 

The Nutri-Plus Mask $44.90 (200 ml)

A rich, creamy texture that fortifies damaged hair to repair the hair fiber to keep hair soft, supple and shiny.

Cycle Vital is available in the following ranges: Anti-hair fall, Anti-dandruff, Purifying - for oily scalp and hair, Anti-ageing, Intense Volume for thinning hair, Smoothing for unruly hair, Soft Curls, Radiance enhancing range and their Coloured hair range.

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