Thursday, 30 May 2013

LADY@LXG: Hair Be Gone!!!

Hair, hair everywhere, except where I would rather have it be...

There is nothing more off-putting than a hairy woman. As sexist as it may sound, I do believe that if a woman wants to wear short skirts and sleeveless tops, she should ensure that she is hair-free in those areas, simply for hygienic, if not aesthetic reasons. 

I usually resort to shaving and epilating my underarms, but I wanted to find a permanent solution for my unwanted hair. I really didn’t like how my underarms looked darker after shaving and how I couldn’t apply deodorant directly after, and that’s how I came across SopranoXL. 
 SopranoXL is completely painless and safe for even those with tanned or darker skin tones, unlike IPL which can cause burns. This is because IPL devices emit non‑coherent polychromatic light and although the wavelength can be adjusted with filters, the spectrum is too broad and they don’t offer sufficient precision. While laser hair removal on the other hand uses “selective photothermolysis” through a device that makes light converge into a narrow beam with a single wavelength - making it more stable, measured and focussed. 

Here’s some basic science to explain how they both work to kill unwanted hair: lasers and IPL use photoepilation to kill unwanted hair follicles by converting light rays to heat in order to “burn” the hair follicle without injuring the skin. The rays target the melanin that pigments the hair. Unlike those of us with fair skin, those with darker skin contain melanin in both their hair and skin -  this means, darker skinned folk require high‑precision devices that can distinguish between melanin in the hair and melanin in the skin, or they could get burned.

For this experiment, I will be having five sessions of Soprano at The Sainte Chapelle Clinic with Aesthetic Doctor Aaron Pang, to see if all the hype about this machine is well deserved. I had my first session on the 14th of May and two weeks later, my underarm hair growth has reduced tremendously. I only have to shave once a week and it remains perfectly hair-free for the whole week or more. 

If you are interested in ridding your hair from problem areas, seven sessions of SopranoXL for the underarms at The Sainte Chapelle Clinic is priced at $2300 (before GST), although the doctor usually recommends an eighth complimentary touch-up session to ensure permanent hairless-ness.

I will be undergoing a session every month from May till September 2013 and will post an update after each session to give you an idea on what to expect, how it feels and if its worth the investment. Today’s post is a bit wordy and scientific, only because I want you to understand why I chose SopranoXL over the more common and much cheaper IPL and why you should perhaps consider doing so too. In my next post, I will take you through the procedure and give you tips on what you should and should not do before the procedure.

For more information, contact Dr. Pang or his very helpful staff at The Sainte Chapelle Clinic, #B1-10, Marina Square. 6 Raffles Boulevard, S039594. Tel: 63363128.

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