Friday, 20 December 2013

STYLE@LXG: Katie has her first Medi-facial

It’s been around nine months since my last facial, which to be quite honest is quite good for me. With time taking its toll on my otherwise, pretty decent skin, I have been concerned about the few fine lines that have popped up recently.

It will come to no surprise that I have never been for a medi-facial. I mean, to be quite frank, to find the time for an ordinary facial is hard enough with my work schedule, and until today, I had never even heard of such a thing as a medi-facial.

I was a bit nervous, never having been to an aesthetic clinic before, but the staff were lovely. Very friendly and welcoming and my therapist Winnie was very attentive and guided me through all the steps of the procedure, so that any residue of nervousness was soon a thing of the past.
The facial felt so amazing! It was pampering but most importantly, it used medical grade machinery and products so I knew that the effects would be more long term in comparison to a regular run of the mill facial. I especially loved their own Japan-made skin care range that felt light as water and wasn’t greasy or overly perfumed like most skin care products in the market today. 

After the treatment, my skin was a little flushed but a few hours later, it felt very smooth and much more hydrated. A week after the treatment I kept receiving compliments on my glowing complexion and I noticed that my skin did look smoother and free of blemishes. Although my fine lines are still present, I believe with more treatments they will soon be a thing of the past!

A big thank you to EHA Clinic and Winnie for this wonderful experience and I do recommend you try it, especially if you have an important date, meeting or interview coming up so you look your very best!

For more details and to schedule an appointment for your medi-facial, contact EHA on 6235-3325. The clinic is very conveniently located at Shaw in orchard. Join their facebook page for special promotions and giveaways -

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