Friday, 8 June 2012

MUSIC@LXG: Dub FX & Stamina MC - Only Human

A loop station, effects pedals and a microphone - put 'em all together and you get DUB FX, the next generation DJ from outta Australia, who's been taking Cyberspace by storm.
Developing his own innovative sound and emulating well-known dance genres. Dub FX has collaborated with various rappers and musicians thar has now taken him on a musical odyssey around the world.

Recently touring India and Sri Lanka, he's also added some eastern flavour to his music.   

Even in promoting his work, Dub FX is completely independent, using only: live performance, word of mouth, internet social networking and a number of easily accessible free music samples.

All hail the Independent State of Dub FX!

Doing his thing with collaborator, Stamina MC:

Breaker Red.

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