Saturday, 4 May 2019

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Joey discovers the power of JOWAE

Jowae (harmony in Korean) recently launched three New Products:

1)Replumping Water Mask -moisturise, plump and soothes
This melt-in gel transforms into a fluid with an instant fresh effect. 
This is a transparent balm that transforms into a fine, white and self-heating mousse

2)Clarifying Mineral Mask - clarifies, evens and smoothes 

3)Purifying Clay Mask - purifies, deep cleanses and tightens pores
This is a light mousse texture that transforms into a purifying clay paste

Jowae skincare range is created to restore the vital balance of our skin, combining Korean Medicinal & Traditional Plants with Lumiphenols. 

This patented ingredient is rich in antioxidants, with the ability to protect, repair, detoxify, clarify, moisturise, brighten up your skin & restore your skin’s balance at the same time. 
It’s clinically & dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Turn Back the clock with REJURAN Healer

REJURAN Healer, the latest concept in skin rejuvenation, is a powerful anti-aging procedure that reverses aging by repairing skin cells at the cellular level. Harvested from salmon DNA, it has been proven to be an effective key ingredient for enhancing skin health and vitality by promoting cell growth, fibroblast production, and collagen remodelling.

REJURAN Healer delivers nucleotides which serve as building blocks of nucleic acids like DNA and RNA. By repairing the DNA of skin cells, REJURAN Healer activates healthy skin formation. It also increases microcirculation and stimulates growth factors, naturally regenerating aging and damaged skin to make it healthy while enhancing skin elasticity.  
The therapist started off by cleansing my face. 

Numbing cream was then applied for about 1 hour. After the numbing cream was removed, Dr Ram proceeded to inject my face manually with Rejuran, using a specially designed micro needle, focusing on the areas that required more attention, such as the acne scars around my cheek area. I was glad that the whole procedure was completed within 15 minutes and it was totally not painful at all, it only pricked a little on my forehead and chin area.

Right after the procedure, I had small little bumps all over my face and slight redness on my cheek area. There wasn’t any sign of swelling or bruising at all. 

The therapist proceeded to apply a Stem Cell Mask onto my face and this was followed by Photodynamic Light Therapy to reduce redness and inflammation.

My procedure ended around late afternoon and by the time I reached home in the evening, the bumps were almost all gone! By the next morning, all the bumps were totally gone, with only some needle marks left, which weren’t very visible. I was able to go to work as per normal without anybody noticing the marks. There wasn’t any downtime for me actually, no bruises, no swelling or redness, just those small little bumps.

It is recommended that three treatments be done, about three weeks apart, to ensure optimal results initially, with follow-up treatment every six to 12 months thereafter.

The REJURAN Healer treatment promotes skin repair and rejuvenation at a cellular level. By stimulating every single skin cell to be in the best condition possible, it simultaneously addresses multiple skin issues at once. As most patients have varying degrees of common skin concerns such as acne scars, hyperpigmented skin, aging dull skin with wrinkles and fine lines, or enlarged pores, the REJURAN Healer treatment is a multi-dimensional therapy that serves as an all-in-one treatment option for patients with these skin concerns,” said Dr Ram Nath, Director, Aesthetic and Medical Services, The Wellness Clinic.

Cost: $599 per session

Tel: 6732 0812

Friday, 19 April 2019

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Joey discovers De La Belle Wellness

Step into a world of relaxation at De La Belle Wellness! Indulge in a relaxing spa treatment and their pampering massage to relieve stress and ease your tension!

DLB is well known for its Signature Herbal Bath, which helps to cleanse, calm and detoxify, removing toxins from the body. In addition, it helps to reduce inflammation, increase immunity system, resulting in a soft and moisturised skin.

Herbal Bath is also known for its medicinal and healing qualities which helps to boost your immune system, improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
Special Promotion @ $38 for Thai Massage (90mins) or Customized Facial and Eye Treatment 

De La Belle Wellness is located at 7 Wallich Street #B2-13 Tanjong Pagar Centre Singapore 078884. For more information, call or 6909 7328 or visit :

Friday, 15 March 2019

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Joey Discovers The Perfect Family-Friendly Getaway Destination in Malaysia - Resorts World Genting

Exciting Things Are Happening at Resorts World Genting
A cutting-edge lifestyle mall, a cable car system with glass floors, and international F&B brand names have added vibrancy at the Resort Genting Highlands

Exciting new developments have redefined Resorts World Genting, one of the world's leading resort operators. It is now even more vibrant and multifaceted than ever before, adding a new dimension to one's holiday experience. Visitors who come to the resort come for the cool weather, the proximity of things to each other, the ease of connectivity, and that little bit of excitement which comes from them knowing that this is no ordinary resort.
Resorts World Genting is the only resort in Malaysia that allows visitors to enjoy a variety of attractions at 6,000 feet above sea level with cool weather ranging from 14 to 22 degrees daily. Annually the resort receives approximately 25 million visitors from Malaysia and neighbouring countries such as China, Singapore and India. 

To reach the resort, visitors may take a ride on the Awana Skyway cable car, for a breathtaking journey on the normal gondola or on the glass-floor gondolas. Passengers have the option of disembarking at two stops to explore the attractions around Resorts World Genting. They can alight at Chin Swee station to enjoy the panoramic views at the Chin Swee Caves Temple or they can remain in their gondola until the final stop at SkyAvenue station which connects directly to the SkyAvenue shopping mall.

Visitors can choose their accommodation from seven hotels, enjoying quality modern amenities along with crisp mountain air and the splendour of nature that is 130 million years old. The resort has 10,000 rooms with one hotel namely the First World Hotel that holds the Guinness World Record as world's largest hotel. Other hotels include luxurious accommodation at Maxims Hotel or the iconic Genting Grand which has been proudly awarded a recommendation accreditation and a four-star rating by the Forbes Travel Guide respectively. Otherwise, visitors looking for the height of opulence will find it at the exclusive five-star Crockfords Hotel. Other splendid modes of accommodation includes the four-star Resort Hotel and family-friendly Theme Park Hotel, together with Awana Hotel located at the mid hill that offers grandeur of greenery.

SkyAvenue, a 1.4 million sq ft, five-storey shopping mall has brought the resort to a whole new level on dining and shopping experience with 168 retail outlets. At the mall, on the Lower Ground Level is the trendy RedTail Bar by Zouk, RedTail Karaoke and the hip-hop club Empire by Zouk with a 500-person capacity with more openings set for the near future such as Zouk Genting. The massive club will fit up to 1500 and will see international DJs and artists performing. RedTail by Zouk has a lively interior decorated in different hues of red with games, cool live music, a as well as light meals and snacks for an exciting night for visitors.

Situated on the first floor is designated the food street where one can savour a variety of local and international food such as Burger & Lobster from London, the first in Asia; Spanish delights at La Fiesta, Motorino pizza from New York or coffee at the Cafés Richard from Paris to name a few. There is also Bona Cinemas, with four cinema halls fitted with a Dolby Atmos surround sound system, an IMAX theatre and a Gold Class hall with D-BOX.

For some awesome digital entertainment, the mall's Times Square also houses a three-storey high giant LED screens that synchronizes with the SkySymphony show that showcases 1,001 winch kinetic balls, the largest and most spectacular winch performance in the world.  Four inaugural shows – Forest, Urban Symphony, The Goddess, Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning and Jungle Jam immerses visitors into panoramic sight and sound presentations. The kinetic balls move to form shapes to support the story’s premise or trajectory. The balls offer a 3D effect to the presentations seen on the LED screens.
Shop luxury brands up on level two with brands such as Michael Kors, Jo Malone, Coach, Longines and Hugo Boss. To add a fashion to your life, shop till you drop at the high street fashion floor located on the third floor with some popular tenants such as H&M, Thomas Sabo and Adidas Originals.

And on the fourth floor is alfresco dining where customers can enjoy a drink or two outdoor and enjoy the cool fresh air the resort has to offer. Housed within a 13,094 sq metres of space, High Line consists of strongly evocative food offerings served from seven distinct kiosks or food hubs consisting of Carnivore, Jon Bing, Brooklyn Brewery, Back in Time, Seafood Market, Asian Heroes as well as Burgers & Shots. There is also the Malaysian Food Street with the best local street food Malaysia has to offer with favourite picks such as ‘Wan Tan Mee’ or Claypot Chicken Rice. Adjacent to this is Jom Makan which has halal food offerings for visitors with local Malay and South Indian cuisine. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing drink or bite at the outlets which include San Francisco Coffee, Pappa Rich, Mr Lok Lok, Zok Noodle House, BarBQ Plaza, Go Noodle House, and Ah Yat Kitchen. 

Visitors, especially children can also look forward to a whole world of fun at the 4th level of SkyAvenue. There is the Jungle Gym where children can have a great time as they engage in free play whilst developing their sensory skills. There is also the Alive Museum, a 3D optical illusion park that is every social media enthusiast’s dream. Those looking to indulge in some self-pampering can visit Healing Touch after a long day of enjoyment.

At this same area is also the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium which will bring fans the most outrageous and unbelievable attractions not only from around the world but the universe. Also on site is Zombie Outbreaks to provide visitors with some thrills and screams as well as the Jurassic Research Centre to see mysterious creatures which used to roam the earth millions of years ago.

There is also SeniKome Péng Hēng, a fascinating cultural attraction, on Level 3 of First World Plaza. Being the East Coast Arts & Cultural Centre, SeniKome is the place where exploration and inspiration come together, featuring a thematic showcase of art and cultural essences from Peninsular Malaysia’s East Coast states, Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. Within First World Plaza, visitors will also find a winter wonderland at Snow World with temperatures below -6 degrees and a European-themed winter village. For those looking for a little competition, Genting Bowl is the perfect place with 20 glow-in-the-dark bowling lanes. For some wholesome family fun, the BigTop Video Games Park is a circus-themed arcade at First World Plaza with games such as ‘Pac-man Battle Royale’ and ‘Danz-Base.’ 

The highly anticipated Skytropolis Indoor park opened on 8th December at Resorts World Genting with 13 rides: Balloon Race, Sky Towers, Loop de Loop, Boo Boo Bump, Disco!, Copper Express, Bumper Boss, Spin Crazy, Royal Carousel, Whirley Bugs, Ride ‘Em Round and Space Cadet spread across 400,000 square feet. This new attraction will feature more rides in 2019 for a total of 22 rides that surely meet the fun and excitement of children and the whole family. Seven kiosks are also spread out within the indoor theme park with snacks such as waffles and durian-based pastry available. Situated within Skytropolis Funland is The VOID, a hyper-reality experience as the first permanent location and the biggest of its kind in Asia with games such as Star Wars™: Secrets of the Empire and Ralph Breaks, from the movie Wreck-it Ralph. 

At the mid hill, visitors will shop till they drop at the Genting Highlands Premium outlets with over 150 tenants with top brands with savings up to 65% all year around that has attracted scores of visitors to the resort.

For more information, please call + 603 6101 1118 visit

Sunday, 3 March 2019

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Joey unlocks the Secret to Radiant Glowing Skin

Unlock the Secret to Radiant Glowing Skin with Enlighten Signature Facial (75mins)

This 5-Step signature facial is a must try treatment designed to brighten and whiten your skin, it visibly lightens up pigmentations and brown spots, while repairing and restoring your skin’s delicate balance.

This treatment is infused with loads of skin nutrients- antioxidants, peptides and other essential elements which will rejuvenate your skin, give it a deep boost in moisture, hence enables you to achieve the youthful and radiant glow!

Step 1: After cleansing my face, the therapist applied multi-fruit extracts to exfoliate my skin. It helps to remove dead skin cells from my skin’s surface and activate the bio-renewal of the epidermis. 

Step 2: Nano-lightening Vitamin B3 Aloe Vera is applied, this helps to illuminate and rejuvenate my skin, it can treat my uneven skin tone at the same time too!

Step 3: Hydrating calming gel is applied, this helps to moisturise my skin.

Step 4: Brightening booster is applied, this helps to stimulate collagen, heal cellular damage and fight free radical damage. 

Step 5: Lastly, grape extracts and rice bran is used to deliver antioxidants benefits and neutralists age-accelerating free radicals.

Right after my treatment, my skin is instantly brightened and whitened! My brown spots are visibly lightened & my skin felt so soft, dewy & rejuvenated!

Quote LXG to enjoy 20% discount! For more enquiries, Calvin Chan Aesthetics is located @ 501 Orchard Road #04-07A Wheelock Place Singapore 238880. Tel: 6732 7881

Thursday, 28 February 2019

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Joey discovers that it only takes 30Mins to shed tummy fats with no sweat!

No time to hit the gym! No worries! Now you can lay down & relax while shedding your tummy fats! 

Calvin Chan Aesthetics launches EMContour - non-invasive painless treatment that uses deep electro-magnetic pulsed waves to stimulate muscle contractions, which is able to burn fats & build muscles at the same time! This deep electromagnetic pulsed stimulation generates 30,000 pulses each treatment session, creating forced muscle contractions which give volumetric muscle growth & induces sequential apoptosis effect from fat cells. This treatment is safe, non-invasive, with no downtime.

The procedure takes only 30 minutes, it’s recommended to do minimum 3-4 sessions. The therapist begins by wrapping the rubber straps over my stomach area, then she will proceed to on the power with a lower setting. I started to feel my muscles contract quite intensively at first but gradually as the treatment progresses, I got used to the sensation & requested the therapist to increase the intensity. Even the highest intensity level at 100% the intense vibration didn’t cause me any discomfort at all, it’s relatively comfortable. 

I was recommended to do 3-4 sessions in order to achieve a better result. But I was pleasantly surprised that just after one treatment, I can feel that my tummy was firmer & flatter. The next day I experienced slight soreness on my tummy area, feels like I’ve gone for an intensive workout.

Quote LXG to enjoy 20% discount! 

For more enquiries, visit:
Calvin Chan Aesthetics is located @ 501 Orchard Road #04-07A Wheelock Place Singapore 238880. Tel: 6732 7881. 

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Joey unlocks the Beauty of her skin with ART Mesotherapy Anti-Aging Facial

As we age, our skin loses its natural elasticity. Wrinkles, lines & sagging skin are inevitable part of the natural ageing process & they’re the most visible signs of aging. Decreases in collagen & elastin cause wrinkles & lines develop. To add on to our woes are the environmental factors such as UV exposure, smoking & air pollution. While it is impossible to stop this natural process, I believed there’s definitely a remedy to combat Aging! All thanks to ART by Verita! I’ve found the perfect solution to regain my youth - ART Mesotherapy Anti-Aging Facial!

ART Mesotherapy Anti-Aging Facial has an instant, long-term firming & lifting effect on the skin.

The therapist started by cleansing my face, followed by microdermabrasion & ultrasonic exfoliation to thoroughly scale the skin of residue & debris. Gentle extraction is then done to decongest clogged pores, whiteheads & blackheads. Subsequently, the award-winning Transderm™ medical electroporation device is used to infuse the skin with a customized Skin Repair Collagen serum & a Face lifting serum to enhance skin elasticity & visibly enhance cutaneous firmness. 

Lastly, a stem cell face mask is then applied to provide deep hydration for soft, smooth, radiant & glowing skin!

Price: $180
Duration: 60 minutes

About ART by Verita
Established by Verita Healthcare Group and The Wellness Clinic, ART by Verita specializes in offering a wide selection of safe, and effective aesthetic rejuvenation therapies. With a team of skilled therapists and an excellent range of leading anti-aging technology and equipment, ART by Verita aims to provide each patient with medically proven therapies that are individually tailored to meet their needs.  

For more info, contact ART by Verita @ 6732 0836 or
ART by Verita is located @ ‪501 Orchard Road, #04-01 Wheelock Place Singapore 238880